Bill Blogs in C# -- Microsoft

Bill Blogs in C# -- Microsoft

Created: 3/28/2013 7:50:04 PM

I've always found that developers are very interested in contributing their skills and their time to help others.

I'm excited to be part of a new opportunity for developers to help others: The Humanitarian Toolbox.

The Humanitarian Toolbox  is the brain child of Richard Campbell, of .NET Rocks fame. The concept is to have developers create Open Source software projects that solve real problems for disaster relief organizations. A group of people, including Richard and I, have been working with global relief organizations to determine what they need most. We've already got a list of more than a dozen application ideas.

It's time to start building. We've picked the first project: a relief worker check-in system. This system would enable relief workers and volunteers to check-in and check-out at a disaster site. The field coordinators would have better information about the skills and the availability of relief workers, enabling them to better deploy the people that have volunteered their time to help. Relief workers and volunteers would get assignments and locations directly on their smartphone. The end result will be that relief workers are more efficient while on site, and more lives are saved.

We need developers that want to build this app.

Humanitarian Toolbox is hosting a hack-a-thon at DevIntersections. I'm working to organize the event, and help organize developers (like you) interested in participating. We plan to create a small proof of concept for the relief worker check-in system during the hack-a-thon. After the initial hack-a-thon, we want to enlist the broader community to continue building the app.

What's our deadline? We'd like it in place before the next natural disaster happens. We don't know when that will be, so we'd like to keep building and have it ready as soon as we can.

If you're going to be a DevIntersections, join us. Contribute your talent and help relief workers save lives. If you're not going to DevIntersections, there's still plenty to do to help. Follow us on twitter: @htbox or the hash tag for the event: #HtBox. We'll have plenty more software to build after the hack-a-thon. For us to be successful, we'll need to keep building and enhancing software for relief workers to battle the next crisis.

Write some code, help the world. Contribute to Humanitarian Toolbox.

Current Projects

I create content for .NET Core. My work appears in the .NET Core documentation site. I'm primarily responsible for the section that will help you learn C#.

All of these projects are Open Source (using the Creative Commons license for content, and the MIT license for code). If you would like to contribute, visit our GitHub Repository. Or, if you have questions, comments, or ideas for improvement, please create an issue for us.

I'm also the president of Humanitarian Toolbox. We build Open Source software that supports Humanitarian Disaster Relief efforts. We'd appreciate any help you can give to our projects. Look at our GitHub home page to see a list of our current projects. See what interests you, and dive in.

Or, if you have a group of volunteers, talk to us about hosting a codeathon event.