10 Years of CodeMash

I spent this past week at the 10th annual CodeMash conference in Sandusky OH. Every single event has been enjoyable, envigorating, and a great way to kick-start the year.

The event has changed dramatically over the past decade, but it still has the same core values from when it was started. It’s a group of people passionate about technology in many incarnations, and willing to share and learn from each other. Looking back at 10 years of CodeMash, several larger trends appear.

Early on, the languages discussed most were Java, C#, VB.NET, and Python. Over time, more and more interest in Ruby grew. Java waned for a time. Functional languages like F#, Haskell, and Erlang became more popular. There were a few Scala sessions.

More recently, the modern web became a focus: JavaScript, CSS and modern design techniques are now mainstays.

Interesting, for me, is that C# and .NET have always had a presence, and continue to be relevant and modern. Some of the most popular talks this year were on C# 7 and the upcoming ASP.NET 5 release. I’ve given a talk at every CodeMash. I’ve spoken on C# 3, LINQ, dynamic support in C# 4, async and await in C# 5, TypeScript, and C# 6 features. I’ve had a great time, and I hoe that the attendees have learned and enjoyed by talks.

I remember some of the amazing people that have been speakers at CodeMash: From Scott Guthrie, to Bruce Eckel, to Mads Torgersen, to Scott Hanselman, to Jon Skeet to Jesse LIberty to Lino Tadros to Katlhleen Dollard. I’m also sure I’m missing several prominent people that have spoken over the years. Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell have recorded several .NET Rocks! shows while in Sanduskey.

The attendance has grown from around 200 to roughly 2000. That still amazes me. It’s lost som of the feel of those early events. In the first few years, it always felt lie you knoew everyone. But, the current event does have the same culture, the same caring community, and the core group of friends are still there year after year.

Over the years, I’ve driven through ice, snow, and in some years Sptring like weather for CodeMash. My family has enjoyed the waterpark on the weekend after the event.

I want to congratulate the crazy dreamers that started CodeMash, and made it happen. It’s amazing to see what you’ve built, and how much fun the first 10 years have been.

Created: 1/10/2016 2:16:24 AM

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