Developer Training

Companies everywhere are concerned that they cannot hire all the software developers they need. The best companies don't look at the talent landscape as a zero sum game. They hire the smartest people they can, and then invest in those people. 

One part of that investment is to provide developers with short training classes that teach specific in-demand skills.

Great companies know that this is a smart investment: They increase retention and have a more skilled workforce than their competitors. That skilled workforce delivers the best products and services to the market.

Class Format

All classes share a common format that is designed to engage all of your brain. First, I'll explain the topic at a high level. You'll learn the background behind the topic. I'll concentrate on answering "why" about all the nuances of the topic.

Once you've got the background and the knowledge around a topic, I'll demonstrate what's been discussed. You'll see me put the knowledge into practice with live examples.

After that, it's your turn. Once you learned the background, and seen me put it into practice, you'll have a guided lab where you can put the knowledge into practice.

And finally, you'll be given a couple problems to try on your own. You can prove to yourself that you're ready to put new knowledge into practice.

Class List