Demos from my CodeMash talk about TypeScript

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I was honored again by speaking at CodeMash on the TypeScript language. I’m not going to post my slides, because most of the talk was demo.

The demos are here on my GitHub page. I tried something new with this talk, and I hope it helps you follow along after a talk.

If you look at this page, you’ll see 41 merged branches. Each branch represents a step in the demo. The commit messages explain what I did in each step, and what you can observe a you switch to each new branch.

My labeling convention is to use <demoName>-<major step> for a branch on each task based demo. Inside each of those branches, you’ll find a branch named <demoName>-<major step>-<minor step>. There will only be one commit on those branches. These <minor-step> branches show the small steps that make up each demo.

For example, the second demo I did was “Migrations-02”. To follow along, check out branch “Migrations-02-starter”, and each step is “Migrations-02-01”, “Migrations-02-02”, and so on up to “Migrations-02-final”. The “Migrations-02” branch shows all the checkins in order.

I would not follow this checkin policy on a product repository, but it does seem to make it easy to follow along and learn. I would like your opinions on that. If you find this easy to follow, please comment here. If you can think of improvements, please let me know.

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