About Bill Wagner

Bill Wagner is one of the world's foremost C# developers and a member of the ECMA C# Standards Committee. He is President of the Humanitarian Toolbox, has been awarded Microsoft Regional Director and .NET MVP for 10+years,  and was recently appointed to the .NET Foundation Advisory Council. Wagner has worked with companies ranging from start-ups to enterprises improving the software development process and growing their software development teams. He is currently with Microsoft, working on the .NET Core content team. He creates learning materials for developers interested in the C# language and .NET Core.

Bill is committed to the notion that software is a long term asset and that decisions around technology should be made to support that investment. He’s an advocate of build what you need now, and execute in a manner and on a platform that supports your future goals. His clients’ continued success and growth validates this concept.

In 1999 Bill Co-founded the software consulting company SRT Solutions, serving in a hybrid role as CTO and de facto "Development Mentor". The company earned a fast reputation for developing high-quality software, winning numerous industry awards and inclusion, twice, in the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies. He sold the business in 2013 and currently operates his software consulting firm.

Bill's lectures are sought after, and he regularly speaks at conferences which include DevIntersection, CodeMash, ThatConference, and Agile and Beyond. He also mentors software developers and holds discussions with developer groups throughout the world on topics ranging from C#, and TypeScript, to .NET and Azure platform architecture and Software Engineering best practices.

As a thought leader on the C# programming language, Bill Wagner has authored 2 books; a best seller, "Effective C#", and "More Effective C#". Bill authors video training through Microsoft Virtual Academy on C# and .NET development. Bill has also written hundreds of technical articles (MSDN Magazine, .NET Developers Journal, Visual Studio Magazine, and many others), as well as actively blogs here at http://www.thebillwagner.com/blog.

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I'm president and a board member for Humanitarian Toolbox. We're dedicated to creating Open Source sortware that enables relief organizations to be more effective in times of crisis.

I'm a member of the .NET Foundation Advisory board. We work with leaders of incoming projects, and external users and contributors to help make the .NET Foundation and its projects successful. I'm surrounded by some of the most influential people in Open Source and the .NET Ecosystem. It's a great group to work with.

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