Slides and Demos from NDC London

I had the pleasure of speaking at NDC London again this year. I gave two talks this year.

First, a discussion of controversial C# Language design decisions. In this talk, I explained the rationale behind some of the more controversial decisions made by the C# language design team. I discussed two new features: local functions, and the extensions to the switch statement for pattern matching. The rest of the list contained overload resolution and base classes, XML literals, var and implicitly typed variables, nested scopes, and declaring base classes and interfaces on partial classes.

The second talk was a deep tour of Pattern matching in C# 7. In this talk, I went through the new syntax for patterns, the extensions to the is expression, and the switch statement. I discussed the patterns that are currently supported: the constant pattern, the type pattern, and the var pattern. We closed with a look at some of the specified features that may be consdiered for future releases.

Slides and demos are available on my OneDrive.

Tags: C#
Created: 1/23/2017 12:24:21 PM

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