Resources for my Chicago Async Talk

I spoke last night at the new Chicago .NET Users group.  It’s a great, and growing group. I had a great time. (confession: I love Chicago, so I always look for reasons to go there.) Aaron has a great group started.  They are a very knowledgeable bunch. 

I spoke on async coding practices in C#, specifically the Task Asynchronous Programming (TAP) model. That can be a complicated topic, and everyone followed the discussion quite well.

Here are several of the resources I mentioned during the talk:

The Github repository for my samples. Each branch represents on step of the demo. The tip of the master branch is the finished sample.

Pearson recently published my LiveLesson series on Async programming fundamentals.  That goes into more depth on the async practices than I had time to cover last night.

Jon Skeet and I did a lengthy session at CodeMash 2012 where we discussed both how to use async, and what the compiler does to your code when you create async methods.  InfoQ has those sessions online.

I had a few great questions about using async methods at the server. Due to time, I gave brief answers.  For more depth, I recommended Stephen Cleary’s talk from CodeMash 2014.

Thanks again for a great group, and the folks at DevMynd for hosting. I had a great time, and I’m happy to come back again.

Created: 2/19/2014 7:19:40 PM

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