On to New Adventures

Well it's been heaven, but even the rainbows will end.
Now my sails are fillin' and the wind is willin'.
And I'm as good as gone again.
I'm still walkin', so I'm sure that I can dance.
Just a Saint of Circumstance, just a tiger in a trance.

    - John Perry Barlow


My last post was looking back, this one looks forward. I am truly excited about how I spend my time now.

I'm concentrating my time on the activities I enjoy the most: creating software that helps people, and helping developers become better at what we do. There's four different activities that are part of this plan.

First, I'm working with a set of awesome colleagues to launch The Humanitarian Toolbox. We are working with the global developer community to create, deploy, maintain and support software applications that aid humanitarian relief efforts. These are especially important in times of crisis. I've been doing volunteer work with them since February. I've been learning about current disaster response practices, and how software can enable relief workers to spend more time on what's really crucial: helping the people affected by the disaster. We're working with global relief organizations to identify needs. We're scheduling events to launch teams on the most pressing needs. We're working on the deployment and maintenance plans. I'm truly inspired to work with such a great group of dedicated people with one simple goal: Save lives and reduce the impact of disasters.

Second, I'm creating courses for Pluralsight. I'm excited to be part of Pluralsight. I've spent my entire career developing software and teaching software development to others. Working with Pluralsight gives me a new way to reach developers world wide and help them become better software developers. But what's more exciting to me is the community of Pluralsight authors. The list of Pluralsight authors contains people I've known and respected for much of my career. It also contains many of the smartest, most energetic rising stars in our industry. I get incredible energy from this group. It's the most gifted, intelligent and hard-working community I've ever been a part of. Every morning I log into the Pluralsight Yammer network, and join a group of great minds. There are amazing conversations about everything related to software development. If you're not already a Pluralsight subscriber, you should be. It's a great way to learn from our industry's best minds.

Third, you'll see me at more conferences. Both activities (Humanitarian Toolbox and Pluralsight courses) enable me to attend and speak at more conferences. At many of them, I'll be running Humanitarian Toolbox hackathons. At many, I'll be speaking on developer topics I believe that will help you be a better developer.

Fourth, I'm not done writing books. I think books and online training are both valuable resources to learn software development. And, I enjoy creating both. I haven't signed a book contract at the moment, but I'm working on a couple outlines for topics.

I'm excited about the wealth of opportunities ahead. I'm going to spend more time on technology, and on helping other developers improve their skills. I get to spend almost all of my work time on the activities I'm most passionate about. I'll continue blogging here regularly, and I'm inviting my readers to join the conversation. What do you want to learn? Are you interested in helping humanitarian toolbox create software? Let me know in the comments.

Created: 9/16/2013 3:37:06 PM

Current Projects

I create content for .NET Core. My work appears in the .NET Core documentation site. I'm primarily responsible for the section that will help you learn C#.

All of these projects are Open Source (using the Creative Commons license for content, and the MIT license for code). If you would like to contribute, visit our GitHub Repository. Or, if you have questions, comments, or ideas for improvement, please create an issue for us.

I'm also the president of Humanitarian Toolbox. We build Open Source software that supports Humanitarian Disaster Relief efforts. We'd appreciate any help you can give to our projects. Look at our GitHub home page to see a list of our current projects. See what interests you, and dive in.

Or, if you have a group of volunteers, talk to us about hosting a codeathon event.