Enter 2013

Welcome to 2013. This promises to be a year of many new adventures, and continuing many of my current activities.

Let's start with the existing activities, and the changes in those programs.

I've been renewed in the RD program, which is starting 2013 with a new logo.


The new logo is cleaner, more modern, and represents the direction of the Microsoft Regional Director program moving forward to stay at the forefront of technology. The RD program represents a strong community of independent technology experts that have key positions in companies around the globe. It's an amazing community.

There will be more news about the program, and the RDs over the course of the year. You'll hear more from this group of amazing people as time goes on.


Also, yesterday I received notification that I was renewed as a C# MVP. This marks my 8th year in the program. This is another highly technical community. The difference is that this community is focused on the C# language and related technologies. The unifying traits of the C# MVPs are that they are very knowledgeable in C# development, and they have a strong desire to share this knowledge with the software community. Sometimes that's the local community; sometimes it's the regional community; and sometimes it's the global community. That brings me to the next item.

This year, we're launching classes to teach professional software developers the techniques we use to create software for our customers. We've already launched the .NET Developer Infusion Series. We're doing our part to help address the skills gap for software talent in our area.

Watch for classes in other technology stacks to launch by March.

For myself, I need to focus more time on my own learning. There's been an amazing set of tools, libraries, and technology stacks that have become popular in the last year or so. I need to learn more about a variety of up and coming skills for building software. Like so many times before, this is a great time to be a software developer, and to learn new ways to create great value for our customers.

That means exciting times for SRT Solutions. Over the course of the coming year, we are planning continued growth, and continued commitment to creating great software that helps our customers achieve success in their chosen markets. Throughout the course of the year, watch for announcements of new applications, new customers, and new people joining SRT Solutions.

Which gets to my renewed commitment to communicate more. As I went through the last year, I can see that my blogging activity dropped off last year. There were a variety of reasons. One was that there were so many new things to learn that I wasn't sure I had the right answers. I looked through the blog archives and I see that it's more important to start the conversations here than to be perfectly correct every time. This year, I will be blogging more. My goal is twice a week. As in the past, many of the posts will be on topics that I am currently learning more about (like Windows 8 development). I need to have those conversations, and hear what you, dear reader, think about the same topics. I'm hoping that by putting my (sometimes half baked) ideas out there, we'll learn more together.

And, there are a few new surprises coming. Keep your eyes and RSS readers open.

Created: 1/2/2013 8:58:19 PM

Current Projects

I create content for .NET Core. My work appears in the .NET Core documentation site. I'm primarily responsible for the section that will help you learn C#.

All of these projects are Open Source (using the Creative Commons license for content, and the MIT license for code). If you would like to contribute, visit our GitHub Repository. Or, if you have questions, comments, or ideas for improvement, please create an issue for us.

I'm also the president of Humanitarian Toolbox. We build Open Source software that supports Humanitarian Disaster Relief efforts. We'd appreciate any help you can give to our projects. Look at our GitHub home page to see a list of our current projects. See what interests you, and dive in.

Or, if you have a group of volunteers, talk to us about hosting a codeathon event.