I’m speaking at CodeMash in 2012

First, let me preface this by saying I’m truly amazed at the quality and quantity of of submissions.  I’m not on the speaker selection committee, so I don’t see all the abstracts. Several colleagues whom I greatly respect have shared their talk ideas.  There were simply more great talks than they were slots.  I can’t imagine a harder task than being part of the CodeMash speaker selection committee It’s especially hard because there are so many different technologies represented.

That said, I’m super thrilled to have made the list for 2012.  I’ve actually got two talks, and I’m excited to deliver both of them.

The first is C# Stunt Coding: I dare you to try this at home. In this talk, I get to stretch the C# language in ways you don’t expect.  I’ll show techniques to do things you don’t think C# can do. Every technique will come with the warning that it’s one of those techniques that you should only apply in rare situations.  Knowing most C# developers and CodeMash attendees, that will only make you want to use them more.

The second is Async from the Outside. This talk will discuss how the async and await keywords will change the way you code in C#. I’ll discuss the async features, and go over coding practices you should adopt to make sure that you’re making the most use of these new tools.  You may have heard that async APIs are much more prominent in the WinRT library. That’s true, and that’s why many of the demos here will be designed for the Windows 8 Metro platform. People interested in the inner workings of the async details should attend Async from the Inside given by Jon Skeet.

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