Why the violin on the cover of Effective C#?
There's no hidden meaning, really.

A friend asked me why there is a violin on the cover of Effective C# instead of any other instrument.

 Effective C# Cover

The logic was actually pretty simple.  A musical instrument seemed logical for a C# book. At the time, four of the five members of my family played some instrument. I play guitar, my wife plays piano, Lara plays flute, and Sarah plays violin. (Scott has started playing the trumpet now, but that predates the book). 

The piano makes a silly cover. The guitar seemed wrong, and a flute on the book cover looked a bit silly. So violin won by default.

Sort of like software design:  Throw out all the lousy ideas, and the one that's left is probably pretty good.  At least I hope so.

Created: 6/21/2005 8:27:42 PM

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